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EARTH 2 #4


• The debut of the all-new ATOM SMASHER!

• A monstrous evil claws its way out of the poisoned soil of EARTH 2!

Story by James Robinson
Art by Nicola Scott, Eduardo Pansica, Trevor Scott, & Sean Parsons
Colors by Alex Sinclair & Tony Avina
Letters by Travis Lanham
Cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, & Rod Reis

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Last issue was really good! Can’t wait to see what Robinson Scott have planned for the new Hawkgirl.

  2. Really had fun with the new Flash and Hawkgirl interactions. Can’t wait to see how this team builds itself!

  3. I know I’m in the minority here, but this is not working for me. GL’s super contrived origin last issue could have been easily overlooked if not for the terribly forced and clunky dialogue.

    If I buy this again it’s for the art, which is divine.

    • You are not alone, I tried this book out based on the buzz having no previous attachment to the JSA. I share your concerns about last issue’s weirdly handled origin story, add to that the snail pace at which the series in general is going, the zero characters (from my point of view) … Im not too excited to be honest. Think I’ll drop it when the initial arc is over, even if the art is such eye candy.

  4. It’s a rocky start for me, but I see enough good in it that I think I’m gonna stick with it for a while.

  5. I dig this.
    Flash scenes are by far my favorite, but i really like the Lantern ones, too. i found his origin and the dialogue to be engaging last issue.
    might be a bit early to call, but i like the idea of this green vs the rot better than the 52’s.
    Grundy being the head of the rot with his Hellraiser/blackest night look is very cool.
    art is stellar.

    • I’m with you sitara, this has been great. I didn’t have any previous knowledge about the JSA before this, so maybe that helps me just roll with these new versions. I really like what Robinson and Scott are building in this title, and I don’t know what to expect next, which is a lot of fun.

    • i have limited JSA knowledge, too. And i’m a huge Johns fan, but i have yet to read EVEN his run of the characters, which i hear is good. so, they’re not breaking any ties for me. my knowledge, mostly, comes from JL Unlimited, elseworlds’s tales and Wike.
      but i’m lovin’ the fuck outa this.

  6. Yes, it’s still early days. Overall so far, the content has been well above average compared to the rest of the new 52. Yet, the potential in this title is HUGE. I hope the editorial team give Robinson & Scott the freedom to steer their own course.

    Personally, I would encourage no involvement in any crossover activity. There are many thousands of weary readers who might appreciate this title being a haven from all that noise.

  7. i absolutely loved the first two issues but after reading the last one it left a bad taste in my mouth, hopefully this issue sets things back on track or ill have to think about dropping it

  8. Last issue was a faceplant. Nicking the rot from lemire/snyder & killing off loved ones for motivation. Ehhh.. Great art but it’s really feeling more like justice league Robinson than Shade/Starman Robinson.

  9. issue 1 was one of the best books i have read in a long time and 2 was very good. but 3 was just stupid. it is hard for me to believe that this universe doesn’t have a GLC or Guardians, it would have worked so much better if they just made him a part of GLC. it was clunky and stupid. just give me the team together fighting Solomon Grundy

  10. This and Worlds Finest have been great and pretty much all the DC I get. Great stuff

  11. I am so glad this Hawkgirl seems to be interesting because Hawkman is so bad I need something to replace him.

  12. Robinson has a tendency, it seems, to bring the reader close to the cliff… sometimes losing you…sometimes keeping you there by a thread then giving you a great payoff.

    An example of the first is his Masters of the Universe — sucked.

    An example of the second is Earth 2. I really did not like #1, but dug #2. #3 a bit clunkier but the Red/Green/Grundy reveal at the end…awesome for me.

    Remembering of course that I read NO DC comics since Blue Devil in the eighties. I came on board big time with the New 52. I hadn’t read comics since ’91 before that…excepting some Jonah Hex trades (awesome).

  13. really good issue, the team sorta of comes together to battle Grundy then we get a new guy turning up to cause some extra problems, great series so far 🙂

  14. I had intended to read the first arc before making a dicision on this book, but after this issue i’m out. the dialogue is nearly unreadable for me, i’s just so damn hokey, Grundy has zero personality, might as well be skelitor. All the hero’s sound like such frickin dopes. Blah. I can’t take it any more, i’m out.

  15. i like the camou incorporated into Atom Smasher’s costume. the costume redesigns are really good in this series.
    this book is good. really enjoy it.

    • The costume designs are badass! It was Jim Lee’s designs that DC posted on its site that made me pick up Issue 1, but I’ve been even more blown away by the new costumes we’ve seen so far. Which is your favorite? For me, it is far and away The Flash.

    • yeah, Flash.
      Superman in issue one was pretty awesome, too.
      i remember when i first saw Flash’s new costume in an article on this site and about 95% of commenters HATED it(lot of JSA traditionalist, i suspect) . i’ve loved it from the get-go.

    • As a Brit, I’ve been watching the Olympics (in dribs and drabs) and every-time I see the sprinters or cyclists competing, they are all in costumes that remind me of Jay’s. I love how they meshed classic and contemporary for this new design. Flash has a long history of classic costumes and this one was a bit of a departure from the usual fare. However, to my mind, they’ve created another design classic here.

  16. My store didn’t get this.

    Supposed to be in later in the week.

  17. Its funny, mostly everyone posting on this thread seems not to like this book, but I love it!

    I think it has an engaging and exciting story, a fresh take on classic characters, excellent costume designs and fantastic art – all rolled into one great book! Because its ‘Earth 2’ as opposed to our main Earth, things can happen that you wouldn’t expect. There’s no way the White House is getting trashed by Grundy in the main ‘Justice League’ title, for example.

    Each issue offers thrills, exhilaration and uncomplicated fun. I eagerly look forward to it each month.

    My take on the dialogue – This is a world of Earth Magick, Golden Age Super Heroes and Invasion from Evil Gods, it stands to reason that people might talk a little bit oddly.

    • I really love this book too! This book definitely has a strong Golden Age feel, and I like how these iconic characters are being reinvented. Despite the fact this book had two artists, they had similar styles, so the change wasn’t too jaring.

    • I’m glad I’m not alone! Cheers mate!

  18. I’m digging this, but got to say I like Worlds Finest more, I think the storytelling in that book has the right balance of intrigue, fun and action.

    Earth 2 seems to be doing to much at once, but I like what it’s doing.

  19. I love, love, love Earth-2. This title has everything that’s missing from Justice League.

    Please check my mini-review of Earth-2 #4 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  20. This was my favorite issue so far. I continue to struggle with Robinson’s dialogue, but so far it hasn’t been enough for me to even think about dropping the book. He’s clearly working on some big ideas here, and it’s been tons of fun seeing the team come together. I feel like this is what the firt arc of Justice League should have been like.

  21. My biggest gripe with this issue is the dialogue. The page where Hawkgirl and Flash talk on and on about how to hurt Grundy while he silently stares at them was pretty weird. Other than that, pretty entertaining issue.

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