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EARTH 2 #0

• It’s the tragic origin of Earth 2’s greatest villain!

• Don’t miss Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in action on Earth 2!

Story by James Robinson
Art by Tomas Giorello
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Unfortunately, I’ll be dropping this title very soon.

    As with WF, issue #6 will be my final issue, at the latest.

  2. hopefully this recaptures the magic of the first issue

  3. not a huge Robinson fan, but he’s done a fine job with this title. Top of the Pile this week.

  4. Cannot wait for this. Loving this different Earth. I like this “building of the team” story better than Justice League.

  5. When I read the first issue I just wanted to follow that version of the JL trinity, I’m guessing this issue will do the same.

  6. Any theories on the villain?

  7. Yeah, I wish we would find that this trinity is still alive and we could follow them on Earth 2, I like this version of Superman and wish we could have more of him!

  8. I have to say that didn’t like the art very much. No disrespect to Mr. Giorello, but I didn’t like it on ‘GL: New Guardians’ either. The painted look is very nice and I appreciate the texture of it, but his figures are awkward and bulky and the perspective just seems somehow ‘off’ in every shot. Also: the characters just don’t seem ‘right’ to me.

    I think I’ve been spoiled by Nichola Scott, but then, who hasn’t? The Woman has style.

    The story was good, suitably full of the usual breathtaking spectacle and cosmic-level ‘Gee Wizzary’ or previous issues. I’m still enjoying this book immensely, Robinson’s writing on this is perfectly pitched as far as I’m concerned.

    One of the more interesting and fun books on DC’s roster right now.

    • I totally agree with you. I think the art is well done, it just isn’t my cup of tea. I’ll be happy when issue 5 comes out, and we find out who the mystery eighth hero is. I’m loving what Robinson and Scott are building with this title.

    • Yeah, me too. I get something new and exciting with every issue. Its just a great superhero book.

  9. Even though I missed the artwork by Nicola Scott, this was a great issue; i am very intrigued about who the seventh wonder is, surprised at Sloane’s despicable actions, and excited at the great job Robinson is doing building thi world. Loved that they use Ternion instead of Trinity on Earth-2.

    Please check my mini-review of Earth-2 #0 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  10. Meh.

  11. When I first saw the opening panel of this issue, trying to figure out who it was, I thought I was maybe looking at Earth 2’s Lex Luthor.


    He sort of was, wasn’t he?

  12. It’s a bit cliche (the whole good guy turning bad for what he thinks is right plot) but it was a decent read for me. Once again, I just want to follow this version of the JL trinity.

  13. this was…good. the art didn’t thrill me and i’m anxious for next month to pick up where issue 4’s storyl left off.

  14. I got the first issue when it came out & loved it, but at the time I was getting quite a few titles. Now I’ve cut a few back & got this & really enjoyed it.
    So I went out & bought #2-4, all are awesome & with me more than likely dropping Animal Man this would make a perfect replacement!

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