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DYNAMO 5 #25

Price: $4.99
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  1. Sad that this series will be taking a break after this.  Easily one of my favorite team books.

  2. "Featuring 45 pages of all-new material"



    "including five back-up stories by guest artists"

    that’s bad


    "laying the groundwork for the future of the series!"


  3. damn, did not see the 5 dallor price tag coming. I want to pick this issue up this week, but I got like 13 books plus 6 from last week, and only a 25.00 dallor buget on comics. guess I’ll be picking this up when I have less books.  T_T

  4. I’m lookin forward to this.  Can’t wait to find out who Ramjet, Supervision, Wraith, etc are from the teasers. Gonna be a long 6 months wait for the next issue.

  5. I’m glad you guys are excited about the book — and I’m also glad you’ve been so patient with us. Trust me, after our hiatus we’ll be back with a much more reliable shipping schedule, and some really cool changes. Plus, some incredible guest stars.

    In the meantime, I hope you enjoy #25. We’re really proud of it. 

  6. Holy crap, I didn’t know Faerber had an Ifanboy account!

  7. I love iFanboy!

  8. We love Jay & Dynamo5!

  9. Wait a second. . . is that. . . Ron actually posted something!

  10. I just strated reading this book a couple issues back so this shift is a little sudden for me.  A great very good issue though and the story should go to some pretty interesting places.

  11. Man, why do the awesome books always have to go on hiatus? Great issue.

  12. loved this book, was bit different in the way it flowed, but overall still love it even if i have to learn to get their new names straight

  13. Am I the only one who got a printing error here? pages 1-8 are repeated as pages 9-16. I then got the Wraith and Ramjet stories repeated twice in the back. I don’t know what happened in the story or what Livvie’s new identity is. I have really liked this book, but even if they do fix the error and reprint it, its too expensive to pick up again

  14. you just got a messed up copy, they aren’t all like that. bring it back to your store and they’ll give you a normal copy.

  15. thanks, I didnt know you could do that. cant wait to read this tomorrow then

  16. Unless your lazy like my brother. That happened one in a Y: the Last man issue, he didn’t want to cause a problem so he bought a new one.


    It also happened in a Manga my yunger brother got, he returned that one soon after.

  17. @JoeCom Yeah…except this cost $5, so I already got it exchanged a couple days ago

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