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DYNAMO 5 #24

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  1. Glade this issue came out quicker then the last. Everything has been getting crazy in this.

  2. Very happy to see this issue come out so quickly as well.  Just bummed that it means we are one issue away from Asrar leaving and the book going on hiatus for 6 months.

  3. I didn’t know the book was going away fro 6 months.  That sucks .

  4. @xiseerht – Faerber mentioned it over on his Image message boards.  Guess they need time for the new artist to get up to speed.  Hope this means that they will get 3~5 issues in the can before soliciting.

  5. No announcement yet on the new artist, but the teaser images that were released suggest a shake up is in store for the characters.  I won’t say much else in case some people have yet to seen them.

  6. Why can’t I just get a Jay Faerber book that just comes out on time.  First noble causes (which was great) then this.  I need more Faerber.

  7. newsarama has a preview up, looks great.





    New super team is coming, I wonder if its going to get its own book!?

  8. @torippu That’s exactly what is happening.

    @doddzilla We’re trying man, we’re trying.

  9. what a freaking awesome issue – well written, well drawn, and those letters… how incredible was the lettering (see @charlesp1138 laughing)

    it was awesome though for sure 

  10. @BrikHed-Go back to the Image boards you Image Fanboy!!! 😛

    Agreed though.  Possibly my favorite issue in a long time.  Can’t wait to see how this wraps up.

    P.S.  I admit…I stared just a little too long at Scrap in her bikini 0_0 

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