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DYNAMO 5 #19

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BrikHed02/04/09YesRead Review


  1. Finally!!  Its been too long since the last issue.  Love the hell out of this book

  2. Couldn’t agree more, one of the very best books being put out right now 🙂

  3. Cool. I hope Asrar did complete interiors this time out. The last issue was realy hurt by lackluster fill-in art. But I really dig this team. So I’m on board for a good long while.

  4. About freaking time!  Love this book so the last 2~3 months without an issue has been tough.

  5. Yeah, that fill in artist last time drew some really whacked out boobs!

  6. Great book…more people need to be pulling this!!!

  7. i love this book and glad to see more people excited as well – WHO IS VIGIL?  We finally find out.

  8. Faeber is going to be on the War of Kings panel at NYCC!!!  I can’t wait to hear what his involvement will be in that

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