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DYNAMO 5 #17

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BrikHed10/16/08YesRead Review


  1. Sweet!  Always a solid read.  I hope this issue shows Cap. Dynamo in a different light.  In flashbacks he is such an ass.

  2. He is an ass.

  3. I am looking forward to Captain Dynamo back-up story.  I would love to see more back-up stories about this guy

  4. Man, this is a gorgeous book!  Mahmud is seriously one of the best artist out there right now.  More people need to pick up this book.  And of course, the story is amazing.

    P.S. Capt. Dyna-pants isn’t such an ass anymore, but still an ass

  5. The art on this issue was as good as it gets – I cannot believe how incredible this book is

  6. So glad I jumped on this book. Great stuff!

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