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  1. Fuck yeah!!! Now if only we could get a mini or (fingers crossed) on going.

  2. Is this the first DR. HORRIBLE comic book?  Were there any other one-shots before this?  I seem to recall hearing about some webcomics.  Were those ever distributed on, you know, paper?

  3. There were some short stories on Myspace Dark Horse Presents, don’t think they’ve been collected at all. I actually thought this was a collection of them (like the Sugarshock one a couple of weeks back) but I might be wrong.

  4. This should be pretty cool.

  5. I think I might pick this up

  6. This looks Horrible, in a good way.

  7. I see what you did there.

  8. Love this Dark Horse One Shot Wonders idea.

  9. Is it true that half of the One Shot Wonders were reprints? I had heard this from a friend but really wasn’t interested enough in any of the previous ones to find out. 

  10. Does this look like it’s going to tell us anything about Dr. Horrible that we don’t already know from the videos?

  11. I’m in if bad horse makes a cameo.

  12. @Prax – one of the Star Wars one-shots reprinted a story that was exclusive to starwars.com but they added 6 new pages or so. Sugarshock was also a reprint from DHP but all the others are new.

  13. I wish it had a Purple Pummeler cameo!

  14. @skeets Thanks. I wasn’t sure if the Star Wars one was just a reprint of the insanely rare "Purge" one-short Ostrander did a few years ago. In that case, I’m glad these are out. 

  15. This one-shot is an origin story of sorts for both Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer, it details their first encounters. Should be a great story, can’t wait!

  16. Loved that the variant covers had an equal ratio.  I was wanting the one with Horrible, Hammer, Moist and Penny, but didn’t want to have to pay $15 for it.  My shop didn’t even get any of the one shown here, though.

  17. As expected…not sold in the comic store.

  18. This was a blast, had me cracking up throughout.

  19. @mansuper-Pre-order it!! 🙂

    This was fun.  

  20. Yes – PP made the pin-up!  Score!

  21. Loved it!!!

  22. How could I have missed it?!

  23. This was a nice book. Not as enjoyable as the Sing-along-Blog, but definately a good origin for the characters.

    My girlfirend even picked it up and read it. Well done, Dark Horse.

  24. Very fun. A little light, and almost more cartoon-funny than the Sing-Along-Blog. Still, a had a good time reading. 4/5 for me.

  25. who is zack whedon? joss’s brother? 

  26. @Hexsas Yeah. His brother. One of the co-writers of Dr. Horrible. He’s currently writing on Fringe.

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