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In this spotlight issue, witness the past, present, and future of the Doom Patrol through the eyes of the only constant member of the team. Through all its reincarnations, through all his remodelings – you can’t have a Doom Patrol without Cliff “Robotman” Steele!


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  1. Well-

      I have went back and bought the last 18 issues and have made my way to issue 3 in like a week. I am not really sure I am liking this however; I bought this and I will keep reading the ones I bought unfortunatly at this point who knows maybe it will get better??


  2. Yeah the Blackness Night cross over was not that great, but it does get better. I’ve been really digging this book, although part of it was that I really loved the Grant Morrison run on the comic, and Giffen does some great calls back to that run.

  3. This series has been up & down.  It’s up when they deal w/ Cliff, Larry, & Rita as people w/ problems, but down when the stiry drifts into wordy Morrisonian weirdness.  Next issue is the last issue of this run.

  4. Giffen has at least put all DP continuity into a capsule now. I hope the team shows up somewhere after this series ends.  Taken as a whole this series IMO is good, it just needs to be read as one BIG story.

  5. Well I have not caught up yet and it appears it will be over before I do.


  6. Unrelated to the actual story, I’m about 10 weeks behind on the Pick of the Week Podcast, so I don’t know if they’ve discussed it, but I was caught totally by surprise and actually went “Argh!” when flicking through the back pages I find an advert for iFanboy.
    Am I really behind in not knowing about these? Or is this the actual first one?

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