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  1. reissue…reissue…repackage…
    celebrate the old songs

    only the 3rd time this issue has been reprinted. 

  2. I hate when they reprint stuff in a deceptively titled and presented "new issue" way.  If I weren’t so respectful of the "don’t stand there and read the books–just buy them!" rule I’d have saved a few bucks (as well as the annoyance factor) last week.

    It’s just bad business for comic book publishers to piss off fans by tricking them into paying twice for the same thing.  As if we don’t often choose to pay twice in many cases by buying trades of the stuff we bought first in singles.  It makes me think of Avatar less positively, and I’ll be more wary of this kind of crap in the future.  "Manual," my ass.

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