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  1. let’s get this over with! It’s easier for me to drop a title when it’s a limited. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed this… every time I’ve had to re-read it to remember what happened before… 

    The art’s been good. The story has been better. Warren Ellis has some great ideas. I love the way he will research the parts of another-wise standard sci-fi story (in this case, the Tibetan-monk-ghosty-alter-ego-conjured-body-thing-crap i’ll have to re-read it) and develops them so that there are many levels of getting involved in the story-telling. He could have easily left that element unexplored and assumed. Speaking of sleepless – where’s my coffee. 

  2. I’m reading a couple of the other Avatar Press books (Black Summer, Streets Of Glory) and I like them, (even though the art in Streets Of Glory sucks monkey balls) … so is this one worth reading too? 

  3. @Wade Wilson 

    Not only is this the best book coming out at Avatar, it’s the best Warren Ellis book that’s actualy kind of coming out right now.

  4. The avatar books that ellis is putting out are very strong. This and Black Summer are the only ones I’m buying in floppies – because of budget…  BUT, the online Freakangels ( is proving to be a great read – free six pages on fridays. good times.

    If you have the money and can find the back issues, pick it up… If you’d rather wait for the trade, you won’t be disappointed – as i eluded to above, it is a dense story that may read better in trade. 

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