Our yearlong celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary continues!

Mmm, I wonder… aha! It is the Sixth Doctor who takes the spotlight in this issue of a 12-part epic adventure featuring all 11 incarnations of the Doctor! As Peri and Frobisher attempt to free the Doctor from an asylum, not one, but two villains are revealed!

Story by Scott Tipton & David Tipton
Art by John Ridgway
Colors by Charlie Kirchoff
Letters by Tom B. Long
Cover by Francesco Francavilla

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Why didn’t IDW just wait for the whole series to end before putting out the trade?

  2. Tipton bros. rock!

    • Yes! They do! What a daunting task to write a story involving all eleven Doctors and they do it with style.

    • Thing is, the art is worse than boring. Some cells literally only have photo rendered heads with no background! At one point I felt like I was just ignoring the art altogether and just reading text. The story is good though.

  3. Was it just my imagination or was there an intential Pink Floyd reference in this issue ?
    Think of the song Brain Damage !

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