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  1. Really looking forward to this. Like really really. This’ll be it until Sci-Fi runs Series 4.

  2. DOCTOR!!!  I can’t wait for series 4.

  3. Man this issue was pretty crappy and it really disappointed me.  I hope that the next issue is better because if this is the quality of writing I have to endure than I’ll be dropping it with the next issue.

    It movie waaaay too fast.  I feel like they maybe had a full formed story but they got bored halfway through.  It totally just gunned through and then we ended up with a not so exciting cliff hanger for the next issue.  I love the Doctor and his companion but I really think this was a dud. 

  4. leland222 – right there with you on can’t wait until Series 4.  At least it sounds like it’ll be on Sci-Fi around the same time as it’s airing in the UK, which is cool.

    I actually enjoyed Doctor Who #1. I thought it read very much like an episode of the TV show and the humor & the dialogue were very reminiscent of the show (loved the "he runs like a girl" comment – priceless.) Is it a classic? No, but I don’t expect Dostoevsky when it’s Doctor Who, either.


  5. why did i buy this?

  6. I love the show but this book was bad.  Sadly the story was ok and the art was abstract and jumpy.  I haven’t read Dr. Who Classics so I can’t compare.  All in all it was another bad TV/Movie comic book and will sit with others like Ninja Scroll and Star Trek.

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