Nightmare has used the most powerful supernatural relics in the Everdimensions to spread his infection of terror and fear across our plane of existence. With Jericho Drumm lost, can his brother Daniel live up to the station of Sorcerer Supreme? Can he accept the aid of the only other human left untainted by the Nightmare’s curse? Who dares to trust Doctor Doom? You’ll never believe who emerges victorious from this supernatural battle royale told in the mighty Marvel fashion!!

WRITER: Rick Remender
PENCILS: Jefte Palo
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Fucking sad this is ending. Fuck you marvel!

  2. If it wasn’t for Marvel, you wouldn’t have had six issues of it.

  3. You mean five issues????

  4. This is canceled after issue #6.

  5. No, this is the last issue.

  6. *shrug* This series was great. Too bad nobody but me bought the damn thing. Shit happens.


  7. When I pulled this it had more pulls than Deadpool…too little, too late.  🙁

  8. This hasn’t connected with me so I’m ok with this ending.

  9. I liked the potential of the idea and generally liked the art (although it varied a bit). I think Nightmare is a tough character to write in an interesting manner. Getting lost in dreams and nightmares is an idea done to death and Nightmare just looks like a Joker rip off. IMHO, Remender should have started out more slowly, more street level. Maybe solve a mystery with Son of Satan or something of the sort. Then ramp it up, meet more magical people, bigger challenges, bigger stakes. I think too many new comic teams want to turn their amps straight to 11, which doesn’t work unless you have laid more character ground work. And Doctor Voodoo needed some serious ground work, as all I get is that he ever wanted this life but was tossed into when his brother died. And he is not sure he is qualified to be Supreme. Not a lot to hook me into a character. 

  10. If Remender had started off slow all we would have gotten was a mystery solved by Drumm and the Son of Satan, because it was canceled before the first arc had even crested.  At lest this way we get a possibly HUGE result and a vehicle by which to return Dr. Voodoo to the MU in a nother book.

  11. I think an argument can be made that Voodoo the on-going was screwed no matter what Remender did. Great or awful, no one bought the initial solicits, therefore it was on the chopping block. In the end, I found it to be a fairly forgettable 5 issues and I am not thirsty for more Dr. Voodoo anywhere. People kepe complaining that other writers are going back to the Dr. Strange well and ignoring the new status quo, but Strange is an interesting character people know well and Voodoo is a stranger with an odd (dated?) hook. If Remender had told a killer Dr. Voodoo story there would now be a small legion that wanted more Remender Voodoo. Just tell the best story you can and let the rest sort itself out. I’m sure Remender told the tale he wanted, I just don’t think a Nightmare takes over the entire Earth tale was the way to start. And it was not necessary for the reasons you stated. The gate to Ogoun could have been left open in a smaller, more intimate story and Voodoo remains the Sorcerer Supreme, so he has an obvious entry into any book if the writer finds him interesting enough to want to insert him.  

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