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  1. This beats out Jonah Hex this week for my most eager to read book.

  2. I thought the 1st issue was a little too all-over-the-place, but I’m gonna stick around because I love villains like Dormmamu, Nightmare, and Mephisto. 

    Evil09 would probably do those 3 more justice…

  3. I just think it’s cool that there’s a new Sorceror Supreme and I love Remender.

  4. This book was fast pace and a lot of things were going on at the same time. That’s my kind of book. Intelligent and full of action and magic.

  5. I initially dropped this after the first issue. Didn’t really grab me like I wanted it to, even though it had everything in it that should of grabbed me. But….after last week’s awesomeness of the Punisher, I’m giving Rick Rememder the benefit of the doubt and will try this again.

  6. I just want to see how brother voodoo stacks up against dr. strange as the new sorcerer supreme.

  7. I’m getting issue #2 and I’ll see how that goes.  No promises after that.  I have to REALLY like it to add another book to my pull list.

  8. Loved issue #1…is that Daimen Hellstrom on the cover?  Make Mine Dr. Voodoo.

  9. I’m doing for this for the long haul seeing as how a bunch of mini’s that i was reading are done and now i have some free space on my pull list

  10. Despite the cover mistake of having the pentagram turned right side up, as if Hellstorm is Wiccan or something, this was awesome. all the art on the inside was damn good, love the coloring on this book

  11. Early contender for my pick of the week. Loved the flashback story. Loved the art. Reminds me of stuff from B.P.R.D and the Hellboy universe. Like the Doc’s internal conflict and doubt over his new role.

    Thought this was better than issue #1 and rated both a five.

  12. I’m really really enjoying this book so far. Fucking great ending.

  13. This was great!  First Marvel magic title I’ve read, and better storytelling than I was expecting. 

    The little back-up piece seems to be tyring to square away things the original Brother Voodoo title got wrong about Voodoo.  I guess thats probably for the best if they’re planning to go forward with this story for awhile. 

  14. If the ending hadn’t been predictable, this would’ve been the POW. As it was, it was still the second-best book I read this week and I really like it.


  15. Lovin’ Doctor Voodoo.

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