All-new revelations about the Nexus-6 androids in this brand new issue of what the Village Voice called one of the ‘Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2009’! And you’ll never believe who shows up at the end! This is a must-read issue of the sci-fi masterpiece that inspired Blade Runner! Covers by Brett Weldele and Scott Keating.

Writer(s): Philip K. Dick
Artist(s): Tony Parker

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  1. The best book nobody’s reading.

  2. @Grandturk: Absolutely phenomenal book … I wonder how many folks are collecting this in hardcover … but it doesn’t really bother me that the single issue print runs are as low as they are. The fewer of this book are in circulation, the more they’ll be worth in 40 years.

  3. I wouldn’t say "nobody’s reading". There are three of us who have commented, so at least three people are reading! Seriously, this series has been quite a successful experiment thus far. I figure some people who have read the book didn’t feel like they had to see it word-for-word with pictures, but it ends up being far more than that. The backmatter (although hit-and-miss) has been another strong reason to pick it up. The format, the talent involved, and everything about this book is top-notch in my opinion.


    I just wish they’d catch up on the publishing schedule a little. They’ve fallen behind a few issues and sometimes the wait is almost too much.

  4. Some day, this adaptation will be a classic …

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