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  1. I want to jump to issues but the trades are too far behind. When will DC realize their trade program is hurting them?

  2. pretty excited about this one.


    and i want to be on issues too, at least the trade look good on a book shelf

  3. Seems like a LONG time. I’m going to need a refresher of where we left off.

  4. I’m sure you can find the other four missing issues on Ebay for cheap!  I’m thinkin about just sticking with the trades though.  All Vertigo stuff reads better in trades to be honest with you.  I think House of Mystery is the only one I buy in magazine form, or issue, whatever u wanna call it, technically it is a magazine though.

  5. @s1lentslayer. i could be wrong but we had that trade of one shots. that was preceded by….. i think it was the driendly fire about the kid who was part of the massacre anddid not go along with the cover up

  6. Unknown Soldier reads well in issues. Plus I love DMZ’s covers. 

     And yeah we had that trade of one shots which had the death of Kelly (I totally was blindsided by that and to be honest wasn’t really satisfied with it). Before that was the Friendly Fire storyline about the Day 201 massacre. This book is about somebody named Delgado and the elections in DMZ.

  7. it is hard to get into issue because the next arc i think is almost done, so we have tow ait for that trade

  8. looks intersting i think i’m gonna go back and pick up all the trades.

  9. This was a fantastic story, DMZ back to it’s best. Pick it up!

  10. Yeah, I think it is time to switch to issues now?!  I dropped Unknown Soldier though. It just wasn’t going the same direction I was..

  11. @robbydzwonar – It’s on the issue 3 of a 4-issue arc at the moment, but I’d definitely suggest going and finding parts 1 & 2. The great thing about DMZ is it tends to have short(ish) arcs, and each story is pretty self-contained. It helps in places if you’ve read from the start, but if you jump on at any part 1 of a story you’ll follow it fine 🙂

  12. it’s good to hear this is back to it’s original glory

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