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DMZ #71

Only one more issue of DMZ to go!

After six years of adventures – and misadventures – across the DMZ, Matty Roth’s story is near its end.

Written by BRIAN WOOD

Price: $2.99
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  1. This issue should do some things. Top o’ the stack this week.

  2. Hmm … there better be one heck of a punch line in #72, because this felt incredibly anti-climatic … mixed feelings about this issue …

    • SPOLER ALERT — It just seems that Matty being the fall guy is not a just outcome. And him copping to all those charges is totally out of character … I keep thinking either he has some kind of escape planned or is publishing a book with all that material he had stashed in order to embarrass the schnizzle out of the U.S. govt. Except with one issue left, I wonder how much ground they can cover … in an epilogue …

    • Totally agree with you. I’m guessing its a book telling his version on the truth about the DMZ.

  3. A bunch of those charges were right, though, he did most of that stuff. I don’t think anyone who’s read the book would say Matty is an innocent. It’s true he took the heat for everything rather than fight it, but his reasons were clear enough. He gave up his amnesty way back in #54, saying he didn’t deserve to get off scot free, so this was coming a long ways off.

    • I guess I am invoking a bit less black and white interpretation of blame when the context is a civil war in which all sides are morally and legally compromised. I think one could easily make the argument that the United States and its agents in this (fictitious) instance have perpetrated far more heinous acts than any of the other parties. On what moral or legal foundation does the U.S. charge anyone? What is Matty really guilty of? And what was his primary motivation? I’d have to go back and re-read the entire series to refresh my memory and reflect anew on what I think his offenses might be, But he has for some time been an agent acting on behalf of the city and neither the Free States NOR the U.S.

      This is the irony of this particular turn of events. The real guilty parties, IMO, haven’t even been accused (that we know of). And Matty, guilty or not, is being set up as the fall guy.

    • Yeah I agree with cahubble09. When he gave up his amnesty in #54 he was agreeing to be the fall guy. Every war needs a bad guy, especially at the end, so the healing can begin. With Matty being charged and found guilty it allows the US to put a little bow on the war and call it closure. And though be may have been guilty of MOST of what was leveled against him by the letter of the law, he was not the only, or in many cases the most, morally culpable party. There is a big difference between ‘justice’ and the ‘law.’ Matty was punished by the law but he didn’t find justice, and neither did the other guilty parties.

    • Agree with both of you. History written by the victors, etc. Such is the way of the world. Matty dd get a bunch of stuff in exchange for taking the rap, so that’s something. But we shouldn’t forget, Matty is a murderer. By any real world definition, he would be called a terrorist.

    • @north72: your comment reminds me of Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” and the movie based on it “Apocalypse Now” … in the sense that Matty descended into a hell on earth which changed him profoundly. As I recall, Kurtz’s real offense was not that he committed heinous acts, but that he “went native” so to speak–and that he assumed the mantle of a minor deity in the process. But in another sense, Kurtz was held accountable for his agency, his role in the process. I wonder what kind of parallels we can draw between Kurtz’s story and Matty’s … food for thought.

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