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DMZ #67

Is the America about to emerge from its second civil war going to be the same America that went into it? Will it be even remotely similar?

The 5-part story “The Five Nations of New York,” the final arc in the DMZ saga, will tell you.

Written by BRIAN WOOD

Price: $2.99
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  1. I’m not even sure any ending to this book could actually satisfy me. It just feels like there are too many unresolved things. Not major plotlines necessarily, just things that were introduced along the way and either not really developed or minor characters that inexplicably dissapeared. I guess some people will say that is part of the charm of the book, but for me it feels like some things are dangling. Either way, been with this series in issues since almost the beginning so I’m pretty excited to see how it all finally ends

  2. I’d rather it not end just yet, only because I think there is still so much stories that can be told.
    Not sure which bit you are talking about, but as you said, that part of the charm, but that also much like real life.

  3. I was just about to say the same thing as JoeCom… I think the unresolved stuff makes it more true to life. Not everything gets ties up neatly.

  4. True that Cassidy. So many people I’ve meet and know over the corse of my life thus far, for better or worst, that i have no idea where they are in life now.

  5. Agreed about all that too, the unresolved nature does give it a more realistic feel. At the same time this is a comic so it should walk the line between reality and story telling.

    A guess a couple of the things I was specifically talking about are 1) Amina. Wood set that up years ago that she is approached by what appears to be a Blackwater agent and yet when we next see her, literally years later, that is not even mentioned. Why set that up to never even mention it again? I guess I was personally really interested to see where that went. 2) What happened to Blackwater in general? They are still occasionaly mentioned in conversation by characters as still being a major threat to people in the city but we never really even see them after the huge Blackwater scandal storyline. It just seems strange to continually mention them but not ever show the product of what people are talking about. 3) The idea of the death cults. No Future was such a cool storyline, particularly because I love Ryan Kelly’s art. But then they are never mentioned again. They are shown to be this major, violent, dangerous threat and then promptly disappear.

    I guess its just that for its first three years this was easily my favorite book each month. This is actually the book that got me back into reading comics about three years ago. And it just seems, in my opinion, to have lost something the past couple of years. 

  6. A good way to think about gaining closure of a comic book about a second American Civil War would be to ask if we even have closure from our “first” slash “real” civil war? In many ways we do, but in many ways we don’t. The best Wood could be expected to do is wrap up the main narratives. There’s too much hanging to tie it all off with a neat bow.

  7. That’s a really good point. I was looking at this a little too much as a story. The real Civil War ended 150 years ago and we are still, as a society, dealing with the consequences of that conflict.

  8. So after having read it…It’s not perfect, it still has problems that I think have plauged the book for a couple years now. But it did remind me why I love DMZ and why I have been reading it for so long. 4 stars.

  9. So what are some of the problems that you think have plagued the book? Maybe I’m more easily satisfied (and definitely less well educated from a critical standpoint) than others. I like to think of the city itself as a character and think of the narrative itself as postmodern in the sense that it hasn’t at all times had a singular focus or run in a straight line. For example, the big reveal last month with Zee having kept a hidden stash of everything Matty has done over the last X years was totally out of the blue but also in a strange way totally consistent with her character.

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