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DMZ #60

The final year of DMZ begins here! In part 1 of “Free States Rising,” we revisit the origins of this Second American Civil War and see just how a dangerous idea can ripple through a population and result in one of the most infamous wars in world history. Issue #60 kicks off this 2-parter, illustrated by guest artist Shawn Martinbrough (THE LOSERS, BATMAN)!

Written by BRIAN WOOD

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.7%


  1. I remember when Matty Roth was the main character of this series…

  2. The DMZ was always the main character.

  3. Not really. It was the setting. It never achieved the level of ‘character’ like New York did in Taxi Driver or Los Angeles did in Blade Runner. Sorry. Matty was the main character and he has been largely absent for the past year. And that trend seems to be continuing. 

  4. actually it DID achieve the level of character. SORRY

  5. seems to me this isn’t an either-or kind of question … the DMZ and its people have always been main characters … along with Matty … JMO …

  6. I always felt the DMZ was just a backdrop. The people are what made the story interesting, they are the characters and the beating heart of this story. Much of the DMZ pretty much looks the same. Other than the park and Chinatown there aren’t really any notable locations I remember and not much of the story happens in either. Sorry guys but I just don’t think this rises to the level of ‘character’ like cities have in other works.

  7. so final year, does that mean it’ll end with #70?

  8. Matty was last in #59, and then in the arc that ended with #54.  So there’s only been 4 issues he’s been away, and then this 2-parter here (presumably).  So not quite an entire year.  If you agree that the people are the beating heart of the story, than this last run of one-shots must fit the bill, and they featured resolutions for Amina, Wilson and Decade Later, all longtime series characters.

  9. @north72: I didn’t really care for this last series of one-shots. I liked that some long time characters were given resolution, particularly the Wilson issue, but I didn’t care much for the others. The Amina story didn’t provide much resolution and left so many unanswered questions I can’t possible call it satisfying. And I’d hardly call Decade Later a longtime series character. He has appeared in a single one-shot and briefly in that New York Magazine thing Zee put together really early on in the series. He’s not an interesting character and no important to the story. I was just saying it seems like Matty has taken a backseat this past year, even if he’s been in some issues, and the series is suffering because of it.

  10. Yeah, that’s cool.  I was just commenting on that “year” assertion.  The “MIA” storyline from 5 issues ago had virtually no one in it that wasn’t Matty.  I dunno if he needs to be front and center all the time.. he’s not Yorick and DMZ isn’t so much about him as Y was about Yorick, but I catch your drift.  Different strokes.  I found the Amina story to be great closure, IMO.  I guess it depends how people define the “DMZ story”.. it is only about Matty?  The city itself?  The people in the city?  etc

  11. Yeah I hear that. And that’s what makes the comic so great, it has different things for everyone. I have liked some of the non-Matty centric stuff it just feels like compared to the first year or so that was almost all Matty, recently he has been less central and I just miss him being the core of the book. Either way we can agree this is a great comic.

  12. Haha, man, Brian Wood fans are awesome. I like the guy myself but I noticed this iFanboy trend last week when I  pulled Northlanders, it had something like a 35% PotW for a littlw while. Way to go.

  13. This was pretty solid, also the only book I have this week so it’s kinda the automatic pick for me.

  14. @skeets: Brian Wood said this will end at #72. []

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