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DMZ #55

The first of five single-issue stories begins here with art by Andrea Mutti (THE EXECUTOR)! “Collective Punishment” deals with five inter-connected storylines starring citizens and soldiers, new characters and old, weathering the storm of a brutal “shock and awe” bombing campaign on the DMZ.

Written by BRIAN WOOD

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 15.8%


  1. 5 more till 60. It’s been a fun ride, let hope it goes out with a Bang.

  2. It ends at 60? I had no idea.

  3. I’m pretty sure Wood said it’s going to end around 65 but not right at 60. Really tired of these unrelated one shots. This story is already starting to feel dragged out and 5 months of this isn’t going to help.

  4. @Uspunx: damn the the thrid time I got it wrong. First some one tell me it ends at 50, then it ends at 54, and then at 60, god I need to find these stuff out before I speak.

  5. The last set of one-shots ran from #23-28, so its not like it was recently or anything.  Just about 2 years ago.  I agree, though, if these don’t advance the overall story at this point in the game, that’s a negative.  Oh, and I heard on Wood’s twitter the book ends at 72.

  6. @north72: was it really that long ago? I was even referring to things like ‘No Future’ which told a complete 3 issue story but really had little or nothing to do with the overall story. It would have been nice to get like 12-15 issues straight and end at 60. still enjoying this series but not nearly as much as I was when I first got into it like 3 years ago.

  7. I think a book is more than just advancing a story, but to each his own.

  8. I loved pretty much all of those one shots and No Future was one of my favorite arcs.  If anything its the main plot lines that are hit and miss for me.

  9. Can we think of this as a postmodern, decentered narrative? I enjoy these one-shots … they add texture and character to the overall mosaic. It seemed to me that DMZ isn’t just a story (or even really only a story) about Matty Roth … it is about what Manhattan and its residents would be like in a dystopian, almost post-apocalyptic setting. Yes, Matty is the central character, but what makes this book special in my view has been all the aforementioned extras. It also seems that they’re definitely winding up for the final chapter, with Matty heading back into the DMZ after M.I.A. 

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