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DMZ #54

The conclusion of “M.I.A.” sees Matty arriving at the 59th Street Bridge and into the control of the U.S. military who could conceivably charge Matty with war crimes. Oddly, Matty seems okay with that. In a pivotal moment that helps define the series, the fog of war is lifted and the truth behind Parco Delgado is made clear.

Written by BRIAN WOOD

Price: $2.99
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  1. I think I’m still interested in this…

  2. The arcs in this series are really hit or miss for me.  There are a couple in a row that are really awesome and then you get ones like this that don’t really do anything for me.  Not bad just not good enough to keep my attention between issues.

  3. I can’t tell, but it feel like it’s been a while since that last issue. was there a delay in it? or at lest take a month and a half to come out?

  4. last one: May 12th, this one: June 16th… looks like a month to me.

  5. This is one book that I really look forward to every month. I think it is cool when a story can slow down once in awhile. It seems to me that they’re revving up for the final act, with Matty now heading back into the DMZ …

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