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DMZ #48

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  1. Man, just two more issue and that it. I don’t know if I’m ready for it to end.

  2. umm it’s not ending with issue 50 dude

  3. Ya, I have heard nothing about an end date for this.

  4. I bitch alot about Wood not doing the covers. But that is one awesome cover by JPL.

  5. on wordballoon Wood was saying probably around the 66-75 issue area like most great Vertigo series. He also mentioned doing a mini or minis about the characters like Ennis did with preacher.

  6. Yea I read roughly 60 or above would be the end.

  7. oh, my bad, I heard 50, wich sounded right. Since issue 50 tend to be a dubble sized issue. I figured it would tie everything up.

  8. Actually, I might drop this at 50. I don’t care for Matty as a character anymore. I’m just not getting where he’s coming from anymore. Zee’s my fav, but she’s barely it in now.

  9. I don’t think it’s very difficult to understand Matty.  His allegiance has shifted from pseudo-neutrality to Parco.  He’s developing a strong hatred for the US, and with good reason.  I’m not sure what’s not to understand.

  10. One of the best issues of this arc, loved seeing Zee, and I totally love what/who Matty is now. Interesting to see where all this goes. 5/5.

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