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DMZ #47

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  1. Weird cover.

  2. I like it

  3. Wood is setting up a lot of things in this arc. This is really starting to feel like the run up to the finish of this series. This is the series that got me back into reading comics like two years ago and it is still one of my favorites every month.

  4. sometimes i forget just how much i love this series, another great issue.

  5. Haven’t read it yet- but I think I’m probably going to get the answers for why Matty’s thrown his lot in with Parco so completely here.  It’s the only problem I’ve had with this series of late.. that action doesn’t seem to jibe with what I know of Matty’s character.

  6. There is a relevant conversation going on about this at Jason Aaron’s message boards:

  7. Matty never was the fucking "voice of reason" he always was a fucking dumb spoil brat and I can’t wait for the next issue cause its finally going where I wanted it to go since issue one. Loved the Empire State scene. Awesome issue.

  8. Great issue.

    @JMS74: I just think Parco was able to swoon Matty. Matt, to me, is someone that wants to be apart of that world, wants to have the inside info, etc. That’s why he became a journalist, methinks.




  9. Heh, just read the link that North72 posted and it makes my post redundant, ha. All apologies.

  10. wow – just got a chance to read it…. just when you think this series is hitting a down time Wood kicks it up a notch – great issue and crazy story arc

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