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DMZ #46

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  1. The one missing link with DMZ for me is just what Matty’s motivations are for whatever his agenda seems to be.  I think he cares about NYC genuinely and some of the people he’s met in the DMZ.. but I was surprised that he seemed to buy what Parco’s been selling so easily a few arcs ago.  Just didn’t seem to make sense to me from what I know of his character.

  2. I’ll add that I do think this arc could possibly answer some of those questions..

  3. I’m interested in his motivations as well.

  4. good enough jumping on point? 

  5. @JMS74: agreed. I remember bitching to my wife (who doesn’t even read this) how pissed I was back when Matty all the sudden started caring around an AK-47. That has yet to be explained in any way. It seems like a totally unexpected and unexplained 180.

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