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DMZ #36

Price: $2.99
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  1. Great book, but I’m switching to trades on this series after this issue,  Purely financial decision.

  2. yeah, I might do that. not only that, but Brian Wood’s writing seem better in TP form the single issues. Not sure why that is.

  3. Honestly, I just can’t get past the usual art for DMZ. I’m picking up this arc because I dig Kristian Donaldson (the JP Leon cover doesn’t hurt — gosh I want that guy to finish Wintermen). I’d like to get into it, the writing seems really good for this (I’m really digging this arc upon several readings of the last issue), but *shrugs* the art just isn’t my cup ‘o tea.

  4. I get this in issues, and it always reads great. Really gripping. But I’ve also got all the trades (as I’m one of those annoying friends who buys comics he really likes in trades too simply so I can lend them to non-comic reading pals) and I have to admit these arcs, while really good in monthlies, are outstanding in trade format.

  5. One of my favorite titles… I want Brian Wood back on covers!

  6. I really enjoyed the issue but I cant wait for Riccardo Burchielli to get back on the art.

  7. DMZ is the shit.

  8. I’ve loved DMZ since it began, but this 2 story arc was weak and the art was actively bad. I think this is one of the best ideas of the past few years and to see these last two issues so poorly executed saddens me.

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