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  1. Dug the 1st issue, Hope #2 is just as good.

  2. It should only get better, now that all the players have been introduced.

  3. I’m giving it one more issue or I’m dropping this faster than Hans Gruber. 

    This issue is a little more than a exact  continuation of the last. Nothing really happens. McClane busts a flasher and macs on some old lady on the yacht. The two cops run through crowds looking for th blond who disappears in a way that was annoying and cool at the same time. This is a PERFECT example of why trades are necessary. Die Hard anything should be devoured in one sitting. I understand the need to build-up, but this is  too slow. 

  4. I’m with ya Brassai.  I so want to like this but so far nothing… NOTHING is happening

  5. I find the idea that nothing has happened pretty perplexing. A lot has happened. And judging by the user ratings, most people are enjoying it as much as I am.

  6. I think this was excellent.

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