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DEVIL #1 (OF 4)

Manga artist Torajiro Kishi (Maka-Maka) and blockbuster anime studio Madhouse (Trigun, Paprika, Ninja Scroll) love comics. So much so that they’ve decided to publish an original, Western-style comic exclusively with Dark Horse! Enter Devil, a thrilling, sci-fi take on the vampire genre.

A virus is raging across the planet, turning people into bloodsucking superhumans referred to as “Devils.” Most victims die within days, sometimes months, but there’s a new strain, a new class of Devil that threatens to overtake mankind with power and bloodthirst. This new class of Devils derive from an experiment to clone a virus victim, and it looks like science has created a true monster this time. Can Takimoto and the Devil Investigation Section of the Tokyo police force stop this societal scourge? We’ll just have to see.

* Exclusive comic specifically for the American audience and only available from Dark Horse!

This disease will devour mankind.

By Torajiro Kishi. Madhouse Studios

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  1. seems interesting. picking it up for sure

  2. Seems interesting.  If I find it, I will flip through.  If the flip through is good, then I’ll buy.

  3. The synopsis seems pretty dumb, but I’ll definitely check it out.

  4. Read the preview. Doesn’t really seem like my thing. 


  5. this read was way too much like anime.i thought they would change it a bit to fit the american readers

  6. This reminded me of O-Ren Ishii’s origin story in Kill Bill Vol. 1. Enjoyable read!

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