What starts as a Batman, Inc. recruitment trip soon turns into an international incident as The Dark Knight encounters a string of bizarre murders in Paris, France. Featuring both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson as Batman, this extra-sized spectacular guest-stars The Question and spotlights the debut of a new Bat-ally!

In part 1, Bruce, Dick and Renee Montoya are presented with a series of cryptic clues, which lead them to the underground catacombs of Paris – and the most unexpected of assassins!

Continued in this month’s BATMAN ANNUAL #28!

Written by DAVID HINE

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  1. Oooh, so tempting… Does any know Hine’s or Padilla’s previous work?

  2. I know Hine mostly from his run that just ended on Detective Comics (which was pretty lacking, personally) and his work on Spider-Man Noir (which I LOVED).

    I’m probably not going to pick this up.

  3. Hine is great, probably picking this up due to a fairly light week.

  4. The only Hine I remember are so very boring Tec and Arkham Reborn comics.  No way I’m paying $5 for anymore of his crap.  I don’t even know how this guy still has a job in this economy.

  5. Even after all these years, I laugh when I see ‘Paris, France’.

  6. Hine’s Bulletproof Coffin (at Image) is maybe the best thing being published right now, but I admit to actively disliking most of his mainstream work (he doesn’t seem to like it much either). 

  7. This was SO much better then I had expected.  Great stuff. 

  8. @Crippler Agreeed.  I wasn’t going to pick this up, but my LCS slipped it into my bag.  I was annoyed at first, given the $4.99 for something I didn’t want… but what a pleasnt surprise as this was excellent.

  9. I am really looking forward to reading these … They both look pretty cool to me … I like how Lau put Bruce on the Batman Annual #28 cover and Dick on the cover of Detective Comics #12. Really interested to read the Nightrunner story, given France’s treatment of its Muslim minority population as the background context and the right-wing response to this character … 

  10. I’d have given this a 5 had it not been for that trite nonsense in between “All the Rage” and the Night Runner’s origin.

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