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“Impostors” continues here! Madness and mayhem face off against law and order for control of Gotham City, and not even the Batman is safe! With The Joker Impostor leading the charge of chaos and filling the streets of Gotham with his army of Jokerz, the ranks of the Batman Impostor’s army grow thanks to regular citizens choosing sides and taking up arms. But what is Impostor Joker’s ultimate goal – and what does it have to do with the real Dark Knight and Clown Prince of Crime?

Written by DAVID HINE

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  1. UGHHHH!!! when does Scott Snyder start?

  2. @mikeandzod21: DETECTIVE COMICS #871

  3. I’ve been confused about this story arc– is this Bruce or Dick?  He’s dressed like Bruce, but there was no indication about which Batman we’re seeing…

  4. I always assume Dick, unless it’s stated or until Bruce is back with the gold.

  5. This storyline has been bad or maybe the art is dragging me down. Like Connor I have bought this since 1986, so as tempted as I have been to drop this book, I just can’t seem to break up with it. I am looking forward to #871. This is DC’s flagship book and seems to go through the most changes creatively and often. This book deserves DC’s best, hopefully that is coming.

  6. Meh. Picking it up only out of habit.

  7. God this such a waste of a great concept. At it’s core there a brilliant story idea, the only problem is that’s it’s buried in odd characterizations and HUGE flaws in logic. I don’t buy Gothamites dressing up as a man who has terrorized their city for years. And the GCPD wouldn’t actively try to stop cops from becoming a vigilante? Ridiculous. One more issue of this waste of story and then we get Scott Snyder, Jock, and Francavilla.

  8. @devildog It seems to me that this is a Bruce story that never got published. Batman seems to be acting more like Bruce as opposed to Dick. His dialogue is what leads me to believe this.

  9. This issue had a scene in the cave, so it’s Bruce.

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