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Batman spends the night in the bowels of Arkham Asylum attempting to uncover its mysteries. Plus, the horrifying fate of Black Mask is at last revealed! In the co-feature, The Question discovers the shocking true identity of the man responsible for the human trafficking and gunrunning.

Written by DAVID HINE
Co-feature written by GREG RUCKA
Co-feature art by CULLY HAMNER

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. YAWN!

  2. Just reading this until the question story is done.


  3. I enjoyed the last issue.

  4. Last issue was pretty good, curious to see how the Black Mask story will end–though I am more interested to see how the Question back-up will end, though.

  5. Yeah, the last issue was a great follow up on the Arkham story.  After the conclusion to Arkham Reborn, I was thinking it had run out of steam, but apparently not.

    Still no idea what the deal with The Jester was though… 

  6. Love that cover. Chiang’s work almost always gives me an eyegasm. 

  7. I couldve cared less about last issue, and that’s how I feel
    about this

  8. Cover of the week?

  9. @HailScott — I’d totally call it a cover of the week–best bat-related cover at the very least.

  10. A buddy of mine decided that he had no interest in reading about Batwoman while she helmed Detective. Now that she is gone, he wants to start back up; he assumes it must be better now. Oh, how sadly mistaken he was…

    However, my fiancee and I began framing comics with really cool covers on our wall, and the cover to this is definitely frameable!

  11. Im done after this arc. goodbye detective You sucked

  12. I liked the last issue, except for the part how there was no Batwoman.

    @cyberauron – wash your mouth out with soap (or since you typed it, just go wash your hands) if you are saying the Batwoman stuff sucked.

  13. I actually liked last issue, probably will pick this up, but I have dropped this book.  🙁  It had a good run.

  14. I started the Arkham Asylum arc way back in Battle for the Cowl and I have enjoyed it.

  15. This book is awesome. Batwoman was also awesome, but it’s over now; deal with it and stop blaming this title for not being that.

  16. @captainbastrd–totally agree. People really need to get over it, and stop getting mad at Detective Comics for going back to what its been for 800+ issues spanning several generations…a book about BATMAN (yes i know Batman showed up at issue #27).

    There’s a very good reason why its one of the longest running periodicals in the world and one of the only comic titles from the Golden Age thats still being continuously published. 

  17. @captbastrd & wally- Let me clarify. I’m more disappointed that Greg Rucka is off of this. Which I think is a perfectly legitamate reason  to be skeptical of a $4 comic. Rucka is one of my favorie writers but I’m not such a huge fan of hine’s work. That doesn’t mean I’m going to drop this comic.I actually haven’t read this yet. Going to pick it up today; I might be impressed with this too.

    I just think my friend REALLY missed out on the BW arcs. Especially J.H. Williams artwork: Phenomenal. Perhaps the others feel the same way I do. 

  18. @mood–i wasn’t speaking to you specifically. there’s been a pretty steady wave of people who have been dismissing Detective Comics because the Batwoman arc ended. Lets be honest, because of the whole Bruce Wayne "death" they needed something to fill up a few issues while he was away…and they did a great job because they know they needed to. But that arc was always meant to be a placeholder. 

    maybe i’m bugged by the lack of respect the book gets? Its an extremely important and consistently good book. You always know you can go back to it and get a good Batman story. Yes it has ups and downs but it still endures. I suppose i place a value on historical significance that others might not. 

    Detective has always been a very special book for me. I’ve had the good fortune of being able to hold and read some of the vintage 30s and 40s stuff so that also contributes to my personal connection to it.

    Its just funny how a lot of people are all "ooh give it a chance" for some random crap-tastic mini series thats so obviously an attempt at bilking comics fans into buying junk with name brand characters attached, but are so quick to dismiss one of the most enduring titles in the entire comics industry because a placeholder arc ended. Why don’t they give Batman a chance when he comes back to his own book?

  19. @MoodSmoothie

    Nor I.

  20. Oh no biggie, I know you guys weren’t.

     @wally- Very well said. After reading that comment, I agree with you. Detective definitely deserves more respect than your average title. If for nothing else, for it’s endurance and consistency.

  21. @wallythegreenmonster: It’s probably because when you follow exceptional comic books stories with exceptionally mediocre comic books stories, you’re inviting harsh comparisons.

  22. @conor–well thats fine and to be expected, but i was talking more towards the commenters that have been very public about how they are dropping the book automatically because Batwoman and Rucka were over with. Like they are some how mad that Batman dare appear back in his own book.  

  23. @walythegreenmonster: That outrage has nothing to do with Batman and everything to do with DC prematurely ending a story that people didn’t want to see end. There were six issues that will never be seen. People were enjoying that story. I’d drop the book too if it wasn’t one of my undroppables.

  24. @conor–well i didn’t know the full story on that…so i stand corrected.

    Makes a lot more sense now for the outrage, so i suppose i’ll take my criticism back. I had only followed it sporadically…I was actually on the opposite side. I really didn’t like the idea of Batman not being in Detective and because i couldn’t get to the shop regularly enough I found it hard to pick up. Hopefully they’ll put out the remaining 6 in the trade?

    I will say i find it cool that you classify Detective as an "undroppable".

  25. @conor–i went back and read the article you guys posted about the whole situation involving Rucka and his departure from Batwoman. I totally glanced over that when everyone was up in arms about it. OOOOPS.=(

  26. I still say this arc was better than any of the Batwoman stuff…

  27. This was awful. The storytelling was clunky, the diologue painful, and the art subpar.

  28. i feel a certain obligation to always buy Detective Comics and Action Comics simply due to them being the longest running titles in comics. not sure why..

  29. Loved the Fight Club ending. I didn’t see it coming.

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