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BritishNightwing05/10/08YesRead Review
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  1. Yaaayy, more Zatanna!

    And I nominate this for best cover of the week! 

  2. Here’s hoping the tension between these two continues in this issue!

  3. I picked this up after seeing it on the iFanboy mini as well as the last issue as well. I like Paul Dini but I am unfamiliar with Zatanna. It was Scarface that sold me on this one. I love that character and it was a nice new twist on the character. 

  4. The art worked well with the story. The pacing was spot-on and this has to be one of the best comics I’ve read this year.

  5. Stupid Drunk Comment:


        I was excited by this issue because of last issues sexual tension between Bruce and Zatanna.  I felt totally let down by the lame "some day" conclusion.  It seemed like a cop out, introduce a book changing concept but don’t follow thorugh.  I wants Bruce and Zatanna to hook up not put it off indefinatly 

  6. i enjoyed the issue, but is it hard to say "float up" backwards?

  7. Avatar photo Cotton (@LogFlume) says:

    does anyone else get kinda creeped out when Dini writes Zatanna?

    sometimes I feel like it’s some sort of mashnote to his wife. 

  8. I thought this issue was ALOT better than the last one, where the iFanboys gave it the "Pick Of The Week".

    This issue was my personal pick of the week, and with such a prestigious award, I’m sure Paul Dini & Dustin Nguyen are highly honored.

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