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  1. I still can’t decide whether or not this is worth getting. I mean, i love nguyen’s art and the story itself sounds intriguing… but those peter milligan issues in the ra’s al ghul crossover were just dreadful.

  2. hmm I know what you mean.  The story does sound interesting.  I may just pick up the one issue to see what it’s all about.

  3. Except for the crossover, Detective has been fantastic. 

  4. i don’t know about this. no paul dini.

  5. would this be a good spot to jump on the detective comics train, or is this in the middle of a storyline?

  6. @wiggin

     I wouldn’t suggest picking this issue up, becasue peter milligan is writing it, but i highly suggest picking up the PREVIOUS issue. when dini’s writing it, its good.

  7. I didn’t get this book. It felt like part 2 of a story that I missed part 1 of.

  8. I thought this was one of the better batman stories I’ve read in awhile, especially by Milligan. It makes me wish they had a book, like Shadow Of The Bat, that does more of these mystery/discovry storis.

  9. All in all, this was good, not great, but still enjoyable.   Basically all one could ask for with a fill in issue I suppose.

  10. great fill in issue … really enjoyed it.

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