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Batman invades The Penguin’s floating casino as Bruce Wayne to uncover a brutal string of slayings – but he finds the chips stacked against him! With the Iceberg’s maiden voyage out of Gotham Harbor under way, the evening’s festivities threaten to throw Batman off the killer’s trail. And lurking among the rich and famous is a very ambitious outsider who’d like nothing more than to see Bruce Wayne lose everything, including his life.

Murder, lies and betrayal are the name of this high-stakes game!

Written by TONY S. DANIEL
Variant cover by TONY S. DANIEL

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. No coments so far?? Well I understand because I really was going to write one however; I am going to be completely honest. I barely remember what happened last issue and i think that is due to the amount of Bat-Books that are out there that I am reading and the other ones seem to stick in my brain a little more then this title. I am not saying this is a bad Bat-Book I just can’t remember if I was into this or not?? I gues I will find out on Wednesday…..


  2. Well I happen to like this book a lot.Is it every ones cup of tea probably not that’s why Batman has 4 different books a month.Soon 5!

  3. I’m digging this run overall. I loved the first issue, overall thought the first story arc was done less than 100% well but still pretty entertaining, and I like the style and idea of the book. I really liked last issue, despite the main portion being 10 pages, looking forward to this one quite a bit.

  4. I’m still kinda enjoying this too. Mostly for the art. If they could just get a better writer on this book & keep Tony Daniel on as the artist It’d be awesome. That cover is sweet btw.

  5. I am only reading two of the 4 actual Batman titles. I read this and Snyder’s Batman. I feel they are both worth the money and compliment each other nicely. Can’t speak to the Dark Knight and Batman and Robin because I don’t read them, they may be good too.

    • Batman and Robin is amazing.

    • snyders is the best then dark knight then batman and robin then detective simple

    • B&R is waaay better the snyder’s batman imo.

      love snyder, great guy, good writer, really does love the character, but his story is just not for me.
      glad he has everyone else losing their mind, but yeah, B&R is where it’s at.

      B&R is my top comic every month. best batman i’ve ever read. EVER.
      call me crazy, but i find it better then anything Morrison, Moore, Miller, or Snyder has put out. IMO.

  6. I think this book is such a mess. The last arc was anti-climactic from beginning to end and #5 was all over the place. I’d love to love this book, and I’m still excited for it to come out every month, right now this is the worst bat book.

  7. I’m probably giving this book one more issue to do something for me. The story has kind of sucked since like…the first issue. DC needs to put a better writer on this book. Plus, the bump in price in a couple of months is going to suck. Paying an extra dollar for a below average book? Pass.

  8. ive got most the new bat books out at the min and i am getting a bit confused with all the storys as i keep mixing them up how ever they are all awesome which is why i keep buying them i think once i have a full story arc on each set i will have to go back and read as a full volume

  9. If this issue doesn’t do it for me, i will be down to three bat-books (batman, batman & robin, batwoman) and i doubt it will. i liked the first issues, but looking back i think i got distracted by the good art of daniels. so the back up in issue five killed the last interest and i only read #6 because i ordered it at my lcs.

  10. dude. i want to like this so badly. SO BADLY.
    love daniel’s art, but fuck, the story went all over the place back in 4.


  11. Now I remember after I read this what happened last issue, and really I did a recap and this has been just an ok story. The artwork has been very very good, the story has been good enough to keep me on board without any real complaints an yet no real praises. Does that make sense??


  12. I was interested in a Penguin story. The cover led me to believe so. Didn’t happen. Same thing happened with the Joker in the “Dollmaker” storyline. Frankly, they need a new writer. I don’t care if it’s a storyline with a major villain or not, just don’t sell it as such…

  13. I agree the writing could be better but I still enjoy this book….more than Dark Knight.

  14. This issue really didn’t do it for me. With, Batman, B&R, Batgirl, and Batwoman all on my list I think this one is about to go in exchange for All Star Western.

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