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There’s been a series of assassinations in the criminal underworld – and The Penguin is among Batman’s first suspects!

But when seemingly ordinary women become part of the killings, Batman discovers a common denominator that leads him on the trail of a vicious killer who is spiraling down a path of destruction. Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend, investigative reporter Charlotte Rivers, ends up on the killer’s hit list. And with her missing, can Batman uncover the layers of lies and deception within the underworld in time to save her?

Written by TONY S. DANIEL
Variant cover by TONY S. DANIEL

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. Wait. Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend? Wait till Charlotte finds out about Selina! Talk about cat fight.

  2. Going to drop this depending on how this issue plays out, the last two werent that great and a huge drop in how much i enjoyed the first two issues.

  3. still loving this book. Such a great read.

  4. *written by Tony Daniel
    Art by Tony Daniel
    Cover by Tony Daniel
    Variant Cover by Tony Daniel
    Stapled by Tony Daniel
    Read bedtime stories to by Tony Daniel
    Kissed goodnight by Tony Daniel
    Disciplined when it acted out by Tony Daniel

    Not that I’m complaining.

  5. Call me crazy but despite my disappointment and shock of the main story ending so quick and abruptly with a second story I ended up enjoying them both and enough to continue with this title for now as well. This book just keeps sneaking by getting cut every other issue for me haha. * waits for someone to call me crazy*

    • I felt shorted at first too, not too much happened in the main story. I agree though, that after reading both stories, they were pretty cool, just too short. I think Daniel is doing really well drawing this book, the story isn’t bad, but I enjoy the art more. The art for the back up was pretty awesome as well. I definitely like this enough to keep pulling it, but for me, a lot depends on where this story goes in the next few issues.

  6. Looks like someone couldn’t meet their deadline.

  7. The ice berg lounge looks very similar to the Sydney opera house… Which is kind of cool

  8. Was really looking forward to a Penguin story…only to find a story where the big surprise was the Penguin’s appearance at the end…Sorry, I looked at the cover, so it wasn’t a surprise. I’m starting to wonder if the way to do the “New 52” is just to wait for the trades…almost all of the stories seem short and “clipped.”

  9. It felt like it was cut short and the back-up story wasn’t very pleasing. 3/5

  10. Like this book a lot 4 stars.

  11. This one was kind of a let down but, all of them can’t be great. A okay 3 out of 5.

  12. I really enjoyed the 2 short but intertwined storys. I wish daniel would stop holding the joker face bone over my head but im still enjoying this and batman and robin more than snyders batman.

  13. Sounds like Detective will be joining Snyder’s Batman in the price going up to $3.99 in a few months. The added pages will somehow time them together, but…yep…its going up to $3.99.

  14. So poor, have dropped this title. Just seeing out my order with my LCS. issue 1 was a hoot, has failed to capitalize on this though.

  15. I enjoyed this issue. The back-up was particularly cool, I like Eli Strange already.

    The strongest aspect of Tony’s writing for me is the hard boiled attitude of Batman the vigilante, very entertaining narration. I always like to hear Batman’s gloriously badass thoughts such as “Fixing this hellhole.”

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