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• Harper Row joins Batman on a case that leads all the way back to DETECTIVE COMICS #0, but will The Dark Knight be willing to accept her help?

• Illustrated by guest-artist Scot Eaton!

Story by John Layman
Art by Scott Eaton & Andy Clarke
Cover by Jason Fabok

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. will pick this up to check out my favorite new DCnU character, Harper Row!

  2. *sigh* not a fan of Harper Row and no Jason Fabok art… Still, so far I haven’t been disappointed by John Layman’s take on Detective Comics so I’ll give this a go. Can’t be badder than what Tony Daniel did on the title!

  3. I’ve been looking to jump back on this but Harper Row does nothing for me. She’s like every stereotype of every teenager out there all rolled into one. I’ll keep looking for a jump on point but for me right now this isn’t it.

    • I totally agree with you. Giving a character facial piercings does not automatically qualify a character as “interesting.” Still, Layman is doing a great job, and Fabok’s art has been giving this title a classic feel. I wouldn’t mind Tony Daniel if all he did was the art.

    • the facial piercings dont automatically make her interesting. but everything else about her character does. this is a character who in a short time has been very well devolped.

    • If you’re looking to jump back on, start with issue 22. The Emperor Penguin story is over (wrapped up in issue 20).

  4. Still loving this title. I’m happy to see Harper will still be appearing the next year outside of Batman which won’t be able to user her at all because of Zero Year.

    • Unless they show her as a kid. Which I could totally see Snyder doing as it really is his character.

    • I think there’s a good chance he will. Batman put her dad in Blackgate, so maybe Snyder will tell that story. I think it’d be cool if he did. For a Batman character she doesn’t have a “Batman” style origin, if you get what I mean.

    • That would be cool, I totally forgot he put her Dad in jail. I’m guessing you are right and we will see that story.

  5. Was this as corny as a nemesis with 6 arms makes it look? I ended up passing on this and didn’t get a chance to flip through it.

    • The nemesis doesn’t have six arms, per se. It’s sort of explained and this is clearly just exposition for a big arc featuring a classic villain.

  6. This was a decent issue. I really like Harper Row so it was great to see her.

  7. Folks, there were so many things I liked about this that I don’t even know where to start! There was the flashback to the zero issue, a love interest from the past coming along just when Bruce lost Natalya, there was Harper Row, and the backup featuring Man-Bat drawn by the awe-inspiring Andy Clarke. This hit all the right buttons for me. Front runner for my POTW!

  8. I really loved this issue. Great to see the Man-Bat backup story. And great to see Harper Row again.

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