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• What is the final fate of Charlotte Rivers and Hugh Marder?

• Guest-starring ROBIN.

• The TWO-FACE backup story continues!

Story by Tony S. Daniel
Art by Tony S. Daniel, Richard Friend, & Szymon Kudranski
Cover by Tony S. Daniel

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Avg Rating: 3.0
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  1. One more terrible issue!!!!

  2. Last one, right?

  3. Later Tony S. Daniel. Don’t let the cut off Joker face hit you on the way out.

  4. I’m interested mainly due to Szymon Kudranski on art. He killed it on the Penguin mini.

    • His art on the back-ups has been very hard to follow – he’s doing the whole book? Uh oh.

      I don’t all the hate on Tony Daniel, though. He’s not a great writer, probably shouldn’t be writing a book all on his own, but I don’t think he’s nearly as bad as people here make him out to be.

      Then again, people here do like to complain (and to overly praise artsy-fartsy indie books)

    • Good point 97, this isn’t a horrible book, it is average. The book would be a lot better if Daniel focused on either art or writing, not both, and had someone else chip in.

    • The two issues where Ed Benes chipped in on art improved story-wise. Cannot remember what the story was in those 2 issues, but I know this were some of the best of the run.

  5. I think we all expect more out of a main Batman title….not average.

  6. Ok a) that was an awesome backup story. Got me so primed for Batman 13 next week.

    B) give daniels a break. Not may artists can pull off double duty. No one, and i repeat NO ONE, including capullo can draw a better Batman. his art is always 5 star stuff.

    • I think his Batman is the best also.

    • I also agree with you on Daniels art, above par and the story is not that bad either.

      Please answer me this, everyone always complains about this book but yet it was #8 out of 10 for July sales? Someone out there (myself included) must like this book.

    • I like it too. It’s not the best, and it’s not better than Scott Snyder’s Batman. But it’s fun and accessible, I look at it like what the new batman cartoon should be like (probably without the doll-maker, even tho I dig him as a new villain). It’s a simple read with great art. People who say this is the worst of the Bat-books need to remember David Finch writing on B: the dark knight.

  7. What, if anything is Tony Daniel going to write after this issue?

    • Apparently he left because he got an offer he’s dreamed of doing for a long time (Sans Batman now). His writing is much better compared with David Finch’s on B:TDK. I would read more of his stuff if he was writing again, tho it does improve when he’s no doing art simultaneously. PS, Jeff Lemire and Frank Miller. Two writers that also drew for their own books that later became best sellers.

  8. As usual the story was just okay. But Tony’s drawings are a thing of beauty! There were six pages of full on art with very little writing, but I didn’t mind that. This was also the first issue where I actually enjoyed the backup story, probably because it was gearing us up for the much anticipated return of the Joker.

  9. Yeah, this was another average issue. I loved the backup story though. I’m ready for the new writer to come on board. Let’s change things up a bit.

  10. I’m really starting to dislike this series…

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