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Bodies are piling up, and one of their own has switched sides to lead the charge to destroy them! So how will the Knights turn the tide of battle? It all comes down to the deal Etrigan and Jason Blood have made.

But can a demon truly be trusted under fire, or would he rather watch you burn?

Cover by MIKE CHOI

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Even if this weren’t one of my regular pulls, I would get it for that cover. Headbutting a fucking triceratops.

  2. Head Butt indeed!


  3. Covers of the week is going to be very good this week:)

  4. Digging the cover. Not sure I dig this character that much, but like the visual!

  5. This looks cool! I haven’t read this before because I always hated when Etrigan would rhyme everything which felt forced and kinda lame. The preview I saw had the same cover image but the armor was green?

  6. An Amazon versus Vandal Savage. Just take all of my money already DC! This book is a top tier genre book!

  7. This title has been one of the most satisfying opening salvos of the new 52.

    I can’t wait to see where they take this after the siege wraps up.

  8. That was great

  9. WOW that was an actioned packed issue. This keeps getting better and better

  10. The action was full throttle and the dialog was boring and seemed to not match the intensity of what was going on around the characters in this issue. I have been enjoying this title as well however; Vandal Savage just seems to get dumber and dumber especially for someone who has been around since the begining of man, he plays like a dumb blonde (no offense to us blonde people just the steroetypical blonde). The Shinning Knight is killing me, I know this is a new DCU I just want to know if we have changed him to a her now or what is it (Pat)? SK is very brave and ready to battle to the death at any drop of the hat which is cool. The Amazon I don’t even remember her name and Madame X needs to get back in the game she should have did the old guy in. Entrigan has seemed to take a back seat and I like to get more Demon for my buck!! The splash page at the end with the charge was way to lame for me!! I expected more from this title and I am not saying the whole issue was bad, there were some killer action scenes; it just really frustrated me especially at the end. (Gave it a 3)


  11. It gladdens my withered black heart to see this book getting some love – I think it’s been one of the standouts of the New 52 since it launched. And that cover is so good…..!

  12. I fuckin’ love this book. Consistently one of my favorites of the New 52. And without a doubt my new favorite cast/team. Keep up the good work, Cornell and co.!

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