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It wasn’t a coincidence that the Shining Knight found herself in Little Spring as the Horde massed at the village gates. She’s on a quest, and has been all her long life – whether she’s known it or not! Now, a powerful vision will reveal to her the true stakes of the battle for Little Spring and pull back the curtain on one of the biggest secrets in the DC Universe!

Don’t miss “Merlin Watches The Storm,” featuring guest art by the sensational Mike Choi (X-Force)! And yes, “storm” is a hint.

Cover by MIKE CHOI

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  1. I’m still undecided about this book. I picked #1 but, even if I enjoyed it, didn’t feel compelled to continue.

    • Well, have you read issues #2 & #3? I think the end of #3 will tell you if you are interested in this title. If you got to the end of issue 3 and didn’t care, then you should drop this book. It’s not for you.

    • Thanks for the advice. I’ll check them out . Etrigan deserves a second chance.

  2. I also, am not in love with this. It is good, it has been fun. I hope that some solid character moments start happening soon, outside of the Demon/Xanadu relationship. Which have been good.

    • Cornell is doling out the character moments very sparingly, isn’t he? It seems like everyone gets 1 – 2 moments per issue. “Can’t focus on anyone for too long! This is a team book!” The book shifts perspective a lot, but as the series goes on, each jump is less jarring. I think the effect of this is that it’s a really slow burn and that there’s no one main protagonist to rally around, or to root for, which is unusual for a comic.

      With each successive issue, I am enjoying this title more. I feel like I am slowly getting to know these characters, the threat they are facing, and the world they inhabit. I have a feeling that if I stick with it, it will payoff big time. That said, it also has the possibility of making it unfriendly for new readers to jump on in the future (think: Legion).

    • I agree. Not that issue 1 was bad in any way but I have like this more each issue.

    • Agreed -a slow burn but the last issue for me at least really started to bring all the characters together. The scenes with Exoristos and the little girl , Al Jabr and the priest, Shining Knight denial, Vandal Savage fun/insane barbarian, and Etrigan devotion to Madame Xanadu made for some really great moments. I love the fact Mr. Cornel is taking his time to develop each chess piece per issue instead of jamming everything in all at once.

  3. In light of the recent Stormwatch changes, glad to hear Cornell will be sticking with this title. I stopped reading Stormwatch after issue #2, but I really like the dynamic thats been created with this group.

    For those on the fence, it sounds as if we are about to get a glimpse of a much bigger picture as it relates to our heroes and their place in the new DC Universe.

  4. I’m looking forward to this book. I picked these up digitally. I like what’s happening with the book. I like the Madame Xanadu here and in Justice League Dark. Also, if there’s a crossover with Stormwatch, I’d like to stay on both until that happens.

  5. so, without looking, who can tell me what happened last issue?

  6. Well, without looking, what I remember happening last issue was…I read it and….I enjoyed it!

  7. Two words = Vandal Savage. Last issue edged this one close to my keep list for the New 52 currently occupied only by Animal Man with 5 other books in contention.

  8. Paul Cornell, don’t ever leave this book!

  9. This is also another fine book and @edward- even I can say I remeber what happened last issue in this book. This a fine title and this female Shining Knight is rather strange, it makes me uncomfortable! i am very curious to see what this has to do with the history of the DCU. I can see how this would tie into a few things in the future DCU and makes for some intresting story lines.


  10. This has been such a sleeper hit for me. Ironic how this and JIM over at marvel have become two of my favorite titles coming out of the big two from a pure storytelling perspective. Really awesome to see such great fantasy titles coming out of DC and Marvel.

  11. Its so slow. I like the characters but nothing interesting is happening. I could also do without robot dinosaurs.

  12. Agree that as much asI appreciate the quality of story telling, it just doesn’t get my juices flowing. Other books really keep me looking forward to the next issue. This almost feels obligatory doesn’t it.

  13. I’ve been loving every moment of this book. A great cast of characters and tons of fun. Especially now that the stakes are climbing a bit. I admit the pacing is on the slower side, but when the action goes down it reads like a bullet train. This may be #4 on my Relaunch Top Five (behind Animal Man, Batman, and Swampy).

  14. Does anyone else see Etrigan’s face in the clouds on this cover?

  15. From the DC preview I am hoping that this “Merlin watches the storm” bit is actually true. Please give us a big shocking reveal that sets the tone for the whole new DCnU.

  16. wowwowwow. best issue so far. Shining Knight = AMAZING.

  17. Without having read this issue am I the only who thinks the Shining Knight is an hermaphrodite?

  18. I totally get why someone wouldn’t like this book, but it’s got me by the balls. Love this.

  19. Great stuff. I had no previous knowledge about the Shining Knight before reading this, this issue was a great introduction to her past and motivations. I really dig the art in this book too, the page with the floating fortress made of bones was cool as hell.

  20. I’m a huge fantasy fan. I’m a big comic book fan. I’ve recently become a big DC fan.

    Why don’t I enjoy this book more? I really want too, but don’t. Curious.

    • I’m right there with you.

      It’s been alright, but nothing to really get excited about at all. This issue, especially, was a real big “so what” for me.

  21. I love this title, but this was my least favorite issue so far.

    Maybe it’s because I’ve just finished reading Seven Soldiers for the second time this year, but this new origin for Ystin is a big step back. Morrison’s origin is so much meatier and creative. This lacks the substance that her original backstory possessed. I understand that if you’re going to have Ystin in the Dark Ages, you’re going to have to tweak her origin a bit. But to completely do away with the connection to the Sheeda, Castle Revolving, and her forbidden love for Lancelot is a bad choice. Her last ditch effort to save Camelot in Seven Soldiers is much more potent than having her slumped against a tree with an arrow through her chest. I also prefer the maniacal and somewhat twisted Merlyn of Seven Soldiers to this kindly old man chasing the cup of Christ through time.

    And I can’t help but nitpick the contradiction of monotheism vs. polytheism here. I have never read the Arturian legends, but Merlin has never struck me as any kind of God-fearing Christian. When Ystin’s vision begins, he calls the grail the “cup our Lord drank from”. But then later, Ystin swears “in the name of all my gods”, assumingly referring to the gods she constantly prays to in Seven Soldiers. This is a small gripe, I know. But it annoyed me and jarred me out of the vision. If anyone better-versed on Arthurian legend want to clear it up for me, feel free.

    All that being ranted, I still really enjoy this book. Cornell is clearly taking his time setting up the players here. And I’ve always been in favor of long-term storytelling. When the ingredients are this good, there’s nothing wrong with a slow burn.

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