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DEMO VOL 2 #4 (OF 6)

In a crappy campground upstate, young Colin is murdered by local youth. Or is he? “Waterbreather” takes the revenge fantasy and twists it around on itself as Colin grows up with a huge secret and crushing guilt – as well as the very acute sensation that he does not belong on the surface of the Earth..

Written by BRIAN WOOD
Art and cover by BECKY CLOONAN

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. you can’t spell Demo without Emo.

    If only the kids with the Jack Skellington bags need about this comic

  2. @edward – Ha!  You are right on.  I still like it though…which inner me is uncomfortable with.

  3. yeah, don’t get me wrong. it’s pretty good but there is a certain subset of the hipster doofus teenagers that would eat this up

  4. Best issue of vol.2, yet. Becky Cloonan’s a goddess and I’m at her feet.

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