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  1. P2 (@maudblog) says:

    I liked this in ways I didn’t expect. Looking forward to this new issue, but sorry it’s the last. I’d be all in for more tales in this very interesting world.

    • I don’t know, I’m glad it is ending. It was a good short hit, but Saga and Planetoid do a better job and are more compelling to me. If this were an ongoing I wouldn’t have picked it up at all. I’m not against more short mini-runs in this world though, just not an ongoing.

    • Planetoid seems like it would turn out more like a soap opera than Debris, although both books have whole planets to explore. I would be down for an ongoing with either one.

    • I’m with Zhurrie, I’d definitely read more minis in this world but probably not an ongoing.

      Has Planetoid been made into an ongoing now?

    • The first time I saw the solicits I saw that it was a four issue series, then I saw “of 5” somewhere. I don’t think it’s being planned as an ongoing, but I do know it hasn’t shipped on schedule.

  2. Hey everyone!

    Thanks for supporting this series, it was a fun little adventure to write and I very much enjoyed writing Maya.

    It is a 4 issue mini, so this was the final issue. I have ideas for a follow up mini, but we’ll see if anything materializes!

  3. This was a great end to a great mini-series.

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