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Maya and Kessel leave the world of ruin behind to discover a whole landscape of pure nature. The legend of Athabasca is true, but there is formidable opposition blocking their way and it becomes very clear: they are not alone.

Story by Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art by Riley Rossmo
Cover by Riley Rossmo

Price: $3.50
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Hey all, CBR has posted a 6 page preview for the next issue!

    Thanks again for all the support on this series! 1 more to go, and it features an addtional 6 pages!

  2. Psyched!

  3. Only 4 issues?!?! But I like the sound of extra pages. Really enjoyed the second issue.

  4. Hey Mr.Wiebe, Congrats on your Shuster Award!
    This has been really fun, I like all the nods to RPG video games like when Maya goes to sleep and wakes up in the bed.
    (This was a nod right?)
    Also i was just wondering, and i know this is a little early to ask considering your doing great work on Peter Panzurfaust right now (Just finished issues 1-5) but do you think you and Riley will ever revisit Green Wake? I mean, You just got a Shuster for it! And it ended way to quickly! It could have all new characters, or you could release a “Lost” stories volume or something since you’ve said it was meant to go for several more volumes. Point is I really enjoyed it.
    Thanks for the stories!

  5. I’m enjoying this series, could be a good foundation for an ongoing. You keep this up, you will be writing Spider Man next year.

  6. What a GREAT series! You gents need to get an ongoing up and running! =D

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