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As Slade Wilson recovers from the events of last issue, his past and future converge in the form of a bounce-back mission that reminds him why he started down the path as a mercenary to begin with. While Slade weighs whether or not to soldier on, the story of his childhood, military enrollment and first mission as Deathstroke is explored!

Written by:
Kyle Higgins
Pencilled by:
Joe Bennett
Eduardo Pansica
Inked by:
Art Thibert
Lettered by:
Travis Lanham
Colored by:
Jason Wright
Jason Fabok

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Well this will be on the top of my pile this week…..Its been my favorite book currently…. I’m not a Liefeld hater or anything…I like the energy in his work, but I do fear his takeover of this book because it has been so good.

    Also so many people tend to dislike his work I can’t imagine it is going to pick up sales which this book needs. I guess we’ll see.

  2. I really enjoy this title and it is also another underated book. The artwork has been very good and Slade is as bad azz he has ever been. Each issue has a little more info given to us on just who this rebooted Deathstroke this is and I myself feel as though in this universe he still has the ability to take anyone and everyone down. Some times it’ s hard not to root for the bad guy.


  3. Great cover and a nice final issue for Higgins. A good look into Deathstrokes past and when he says until next time at the end it was kind of a poetic way for the writer to say that as well (or maybe I’m reading way to much into that haha).

    Solid fill in artist….a good issue. Excited and nervous for next month. Hope some new people check it out and Deathstroke vs Lobo sounds cool….really want this title to stay great and stick around!

  4. I’ll give Rob a couple of issues to win me over.

  5. I had no idea Rob “the worst writer in history” Liefeld is taking over this book. Deathstroke has been my favorite re-launch title (along with Batman & Robin). Big kick-ass action and an emotional back story that really helps you understand Slade. I couldn’t ask for more. Everyone should read the first 8 issues. As for Rob; I give him 1 issue. He’s disappointed me over and over again and that’s all I’m willing to give.

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