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What happens when a group of evil frat boys get their hands on the soul of one very angry and very powerful half demonic sorceress named Satana? And what happens when the only person that desperate sorceress can find to help her on such short notice is our lovable and slightly deranged Deadpool? Well, telling you would be telling, but if you listen real hard you might hear the distant chimes of…wedding bells!? Be there for the event of the season as Deadpool and Satana team up to descend into the Mighty Marvel underworld.

WRITER: Dave Lapham
PENCILS: Shawn Crystal
INKS: Shawn Crystal
COLORED BY: John Rauch
COVER BY: Humberto Ramos

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


  1. Of course…… If anyone has to be the wife of deadpool it’s has to be the daughter of Satan. Come on can you pick a better o e

  2. I’m checking this out primarily out of love for Lapham.

  3. Awesome with a capital C for CHEESECAKE!

  4. Pulled strictly for the Satana appearance.

  5. I have yet to figure out how this is numbered so high. Obviously it’s a silly deadpool thing but can someone explain this to me?

  6. Numbered high and reversed.  It actually gets smaller as it goes – just imagine in 40-50 years when number 1 finally comes out!

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