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  1. Loved this Spider Man cover back in the day.

  2. wait until the haters start screaming ripoff 🙂

  3. I think Suicide Kings has been the best Deadpool story Marvel have put out. I’m hoping for a good conculsion to what has been a great mini.

    I’m worried the sucess of this and the main book is letting the character get a little over exposed (A little – he’s got a 3rd ongoing starting in November hasn’t he?). I will miss Suicide Kings, it has been a lot of fun seeing Deadpool interact with big names like Spider-man, Daredevil and the Punisher.

    If you only buy one Deadpool book (and I know you have a lot to choice from) make it Suicide Kings.

  4. @peterporker: RIPOFF!!! hatehatehatehatehate! j/k.

    @Zeppo: I like the main ongoing title the best, then this, and lastly the Merc with a Mouth.  A third ongoing is crazy.  I don’t know if I would want a third ongoing (and a team up book at that) or if I would rather him pop up in random books from time to time.  I think that might work better, have DP in a book that is not from his perspective so we can see how the rest of the Marvel Universe see him.

  5. @ JesTr

    I can understand the love for the main book, the last four issues have been great! I’ve dropped Merc with a mouth, and I don’t think I’ll bother with the team-up book.

    Doesn’t everyone in the MU just seen Deadpool as a drooling idiot?

  6. what a great series this has been!!! Benson can actually write a good deadpool story, heh!

  7. score!!!

  8. @Zeppo Yes, yes they do.

  9. This last one was a great book. I cant decide if I like this more than the main on going or notcause I liked last weeks Deadpool a lot but this was great, I wish they’d drop the Merc With A Mouth and have Benson and Glass right the second on going for Deadpool

  10. I did like that when Deadpool was accused of being a "wannabe" he pointed out "I’ve got two books out this month, and another next month".

    He’s got a lot more by now.

  11. I like how it says The Hood is in this and never was.


    This was medorice and good god what was the Punisher wearing>

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