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Cuba. Playground of the Caribbean. Sunny beaches. Swank casinos. Dames. Gangsters. And Deadpool – who is trying to stay one step in front of Outlaw as he searches for a mysterious scientist in the thick of the jungle. Meanwhile, in Washington, DC. a power struggle is under way at the highest levels of government that will turn Deadpool’s world upside down. And maybe the rest of the world, too. Betrayal. Double crosses. And a shocking secret from Deadpool’s past are revealed!

Written by Adam Glass and Mike Benson
Art by Laurence Campbell
Cover by Jae Lee

Price: $3.99
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Franktiger11/26/10YesRead Review


  1. Definitely one of my fave books out there, full of intrigue and revelations about DP’s past, and Cable playing racquetball too.  Hope we learn who this Outlaw is, who DP’s first love in life was, and what finally broke DP into what he is today.

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