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What happens when you take one psychotic CIA spook and his ex-lover-turned-double-agent, and send them on a madcap chase after the man who holds the key to a couple nuclear briefcases built to start the next World War…stir in a Thalidomide party girl, a James Dean motorcycle gang…and for flavor, set it in the depraved Big Easy during Mardi Gras? You get DEADPOOL PULP #2.

WRITER: Mike Benson & Adam Glass
PENCILS: Laurence Campbell

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Been waiting on this one, excited as all hell to pick this up.  Not sure why I’m a DP fan, guess it’s just one of dem tings.

  2. Kinda sorta wasn’t sure what was goin on in this one, but wow, Deadpool’s only love in life, maybe she’s the one who turned him into the crass perve he’s portrayed to be usually.  DP does seem more tame than his usual jocular self in this, and I hope this story will explain how DP eventually loses his conscience, because he really doesn’t seem to have one current in stories.

    Whoever thought Cable was a racquetball player, pretty amusing….who was that he was talking with?

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