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“Evil Deadpool” Part 2

The merc with a mouth is now the merc with a twin…an EVIL twin! Deadpool comes face to face with a re-animated collection of his former body parts, and the bullets fly! Having ONE Deadpool running amok in New York City is bad enough, but TWO?! Someone has to stop this!

Story by Daniel Way
Art by Salva Espin
Colors by Guru-eFX
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Nick Bradshaw & Frank Martin

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. My LCS didn’t get the last issue so i’m looking forward to reading the first and second of this arc on wednesday. Can i get a little non-spoiler feedback on the first part?

  2. I cant wait to read more about deadpool vs shedpool.

  3. Evil Deadpool is really like the old Deadpool; the real Deadpool is to nice lately and just getting plain lazy. In this issue the banter and the action were high and the artwork showed us that. Gave this is a 4 and want some more.


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