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  1. I’m very tempted to buy this, but I can’t remember is 5.99 the standard for 80 pages? Well, anyway it looks like fun

  2. I am not planning on getting this unless Conor gives this a very solid rating.  However, that cover makes me feel warm deep down where I keep my secrets.

  3. I like that Robin and Nightwing are on the cover, but Bats isn’t

  4. i hope superman melts santa’s nuts with heat ray vision

  5. I love Christmas specials.  The Quitely cover is just icing on the cake.

  6. the dustin nguyen section is really fantastic. amazing art there.

  7. this was an awesome collection of stories. sometimes when buying anthologies you feel shorted, but with this that is not the case.

    i loved the huntress story. as a guy who works with M.R. teen boys, it really touched me.

    the art in the titans story was beautiful. it remindend me of skpttie young. i hope to see more of  mike dimotta in dc.

  8. Great art in these stories all around with no stinkers in the bunch!

    I wasn’t originally planning on picking this up, but I couldn’t resist when I thumbed through it at the LCS.

  9. does anyone have any idea what’s going on with Aquaman?  Is this the current one..?

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