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  1. I love old JLA stories, so am looking forward to reading more about Libra, who I don’t know anything about.

  2. I just bought the original copy of JLA 111 with Libra, but I haven’t read it yet.  I’ll just read from this and get another 3 issues.  I couldn’t find all 3 of those at the con, so this will be perfect!

  3. gotta love some throwback now and then. these giant-sized DC specials are a blessing for those unfamiliar with the complete history of DC comics. i can’t get Hal’s "Superfriends" voice out of my head whenever he speaks and i chuckle everytime a character adresses someone as "chum". it was an all Marvel week for me besides this. i just couldn’t take the calm before the Final Crisis storm without stirrin’ the pot a little   

  4. Dammit, my LCS only ordered TWO copies and they were both gone by the time I got to the shop. I always get annoyed when my LCS runs out of books that fast. They seem to be terrible at predicting which books will sell well, and extremely tight in their "ordering for the shelf." They almost never order a new Image book (or any other indie series) unless someone specifically requests it. Sorry about the LCS rant…

  5. @FACE I have to agree with your comment about this being a blessing. I just hope they continue those and throw some stuff out there every once in a while. I really enjoyed this one…

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