The Challengers. Out of time and on the run.

Eight survivors of a fiery plane crash, bound by fate and death, are on a desperate mission to uncover the mysteries of the Unknown before the powers that saved their lives, claim them for eternity.

Cover by RYAN SOOK

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  1. I might go digital with this book

  2. The Challengers are a personal favorite. Fingers crossed on how this series goes.

    • Have you done a DC Histories article on them? I’d be intrigued. I like the idea, but the Challengers have always been neglected, as least so long as I’ve been reading comics.

    • The DC Histories come out Wednesday mornings. There hasn’t been a Challengers one but, y’know, keep your eyes peeled.

  3. They have my three bucks for that cover alone.

  4. I skipped the Deadman arc, but this looks really cool. I like how this series can completely change things around with every arc. Will definetly be giving this a try on Wednesday.

  5. So glad to move past the Deadman story. It was pretty blah. The art was nice though. Very curious to see the new take on the Challengers.

  6. I haven’t heard anything about the Challengers but it looks good enough to try out.

  7. I always thought the Challengers were just a poor Fantastic Four knock off without powers. However, I subscribed to this and will check it out. If I don’t like it, I’ll cancel it!

  8. I’m onboard here. Hope Didio can strike gold a second time.

  9. I skipped Deadman, but I’ll give this one a shot. I’ve heard from other that Didio can write a fun story.

  10. Such a heavy week for me already, but if I can squeeze out another $3 somehow…

  11. This looks like it might be good

  12. Never read Challengers, so this seems like a good time to pick it up.

  13. I’m looking forward to reading some impressions of this.

  14. Didio (& Giffen!) rocked O.M.A.C – I’m on for this. And was I the only one who liked Deadman?

  15. Deadman was really not that good in my opinion and left it for dead on issue #2. There has just been some much exposure for Deadman that I think this killed it for him right now. I am a huge fan of the Deadman and I feel he is better in small doses so that he has his desried effect, kinda like The Phantom Stranger or The Specter. This new arc I am willing to try issue one because I think I have only really heard of the Challengers and really never read anything about them.


  16. Read it and the story just didn’t hold my attention. Dropping this comic from my pull list.

  17. This book was amazing. I was genuinely surprised at some moments in the story and it kind of has a grindhouse/b-movie vibe to it. I have no clue how the story is going to play out and I’m excited to see who gets killed next. Im taking bets its the black guy.

  18. It really felt like an older title andi mean that in a good way. Ill be back for part two.

  19. Totally on board for the next issue it was alot of fun.

  20. Was excited for this issue, but a little unsure how I felt about it. Love the cover. The issue started to pick up towards the end, I disliked all the random cultural refrences to television shows and whatnot, but I like the Challangers so Ill probably pick up the next one.

    • I agree. It lacked any real reason to connect. I lost interest during the first dream sequence. It was also WAY out there thematically. This coming from a Didio boy!

  21. Any book with Jerry Ordway attached to it is a must read.

  22. Never having read ‘Challengers’ before, I thought the main character was the mountain on the cover… Honestly, I was disappointed when I found out differently :). Still a fun read!

  23. Challengers of the Unknown is a simple and fun concept. Four people go on crazy and fun adventure. Very much in the pulp Indiana Jones style. You can’t screw up that concept, and yet they did. I loved what Dido did with OMAC, but this I did not like. The whole reality TV thing, to me, just plain sucked. Very dissapointed

  24. Even if Sook drew the interiors, I think I still would’ve hated this. What a piece of shit story…

  25. Wow. I came excited for this book, and left extremely disappointed.

  26. Well had this on my pull list and forgot to grab it Wednesday and forgot again on Satuday while I was at the book store and now after reaing these comments, I am for sure going to forget to grab it until the next new story arc. never really knew about the Challengers and well just can’t afford to have more pulls so I guess I still won’t know much about them.


  27. I’ve got no experience with the Challengers, but really liked this concept. I think it’s timely and even a little funny. I’m with it. Glad I didn’t drop it.

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